February 27, 2011

Café Astoria 2008

My hubby received a call that he won a complimentary buffet dinner for two in Astoria, we’re not sure if this is a scam or not but we took advantage of it because we have no Gasul that day. Lol!

We went to Cafe Astoria near South Forbes Villas. Menu is corn soup, red pasta, rice, breaded lemon chicken, roast beef and roast pork, buko pandan, cupcake and bottomless juice.

Before you eat you need to need to fill out some form, (name, age, income). You have the option to stay for few minutes for their presentation but we decided to leave early. Before we leave they gave us complimentary gift, it is free accommodation at either of the following destinations: Malaga, Spain; Orlando, Florida USA; Bali, Indonesia; Thailand and Tagbilaran Bohol.

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