February 22, 2011

Food Trip in Boracay

There are so many restaurants in Boracay, it ranges from cheap to expensive one so it would not be hard for you to choose from. I have read so many blogs and forums about the must try food and drinks in Boracay and here are some of the foods and drinks that we have tried during our stay.

Island Kebab
We have stayed in Island Nook so we were able to taste their menu. The price is affordable and the taste is also good. But I did not like the taste of their Kebab.

We have tried their Bangsilog, Trondzilog, Tocilog, French toast, Kebab and Kevins’ Bacon.

Bambooze Buffet : P240 buffet dinner/ pax   
                                    Free bottomless ice tea
                                    50% discount (children under 10)

The tastes of the food and ice tea are all good.

Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar

They say that this is the best milkshake in the island but I did not enjoy their shake considering the price of P90 + 10% service charge. The taste is good but I did not find anything special about it. We have tried banana choco peanut and tropical shake. We did not like the banana choco peanut shake but they said that it is their best seller.

I have tried other shake for P50 which I like more. J

Crazy Crepes

I love crepes and I love crazy crepes. The price is P125 above, additional P25 if you want scoop of ice cream.

Pancake House

I was so disappointed with the food and service. Ang tigas ng kanin. 


Bought some foods before we leave for our baon (lunch at the airport).


  1. Island Nook and Jonah's look interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'm not sure I want to order a shake with banana or any fruit in it, do they have plain ones?

    1. I can't remember na. I ordered the banana choco peanut because it is highly recommended when I search the net. :) But not my type.


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