February 25, 2011


I booked this flight almost two months before our travel trip. I have to change status and renew my passport before our trip. This was not my first time to go out of the country but I was still excited because this was the first out of the country travel together with my hubby. This will be our first wedding anniversary celebration and Chinese New Year celebration too. I brought USD and good thing there’s money changer inside the airport and it was still open.

Due to limited time, I did not do any research and I just booked a hotel without considering the location. I did not know that it is located in Little India, it is just a three star hotel so I did not expect so much. All we need is a decent room with private bathroom since we will be out the whole day.

There is no time difference between Singapore and Manila, it is past 12AM already so we took a cab to get to our hotel, I already forgot the name. lol! The fare is 32 SGD, very expensive. We need to take a nap before we start our Singapore tour.

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