March 06, 2011

Bilao at Palayok

After Honda Bay Island Hopping, we went to Bilao at Palayok for our dinner. It is one of the most recommended restaurants in Puerto Princesa so we want to try it. The place has native ambiance and look.

We ordered boodle feast, lengua estofado, buttered garlic crab and ginataang seafood. Among the food, my favorite is lengua estofado. Burp!

For 13 persons, our bill is less than P2000 so price is very reasonable. Don't forget to bring your insect repellent.


  1. wow this was yummy i love ginataan and affordable too... i'll visit this once of this day...thanks for sharing

  2. Bilao at Palayok resto in Palawan is the first I heard this for I'm not very familiar with the Palawan. Yes, it's very true the place atmosphere is so native, the structure, the ceiling and almost everything. I love this place. Hope someday I could visit Palawan and dine with Bilao at Palayok.

  3. I will be in Palawan in August. Honda Bay is in our itinerary. I love lengua and crab so I might give Bilao and Palayok a visit. However, with these allergies, I need my antihistamines. Lol.


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