March 01, 2011

How to get to Camiguin

We're supposed to go to Boracay but we did not like the available flight so we decided to go to CDO and Camiguin instead. This was really a much awaited trip because my last 3 days trip was almost 2 years ago, that was our Bohol trip.

Thank God that we were able to make the trip, I thought we need to reschedule it since my hubby will be on Shanghai trip, fortunately, he was able to go home day before our flight. Our 5AM flight was moved to 6:05AM because of PAL issue, I was bit worried because I need to catch up with 8:30AM boat trip to Camiguin. Our plane touchdown is 7:45AM, so it is like an Amazing Race game just to reach the port. We took a cab and haggle for P300 and not P350 trip.

It was bit traffic so I really prayed hard that we can make it because I do not want the second option. We are so happy that we made it on time.

How to get to Camiguin

Para Sea Cat Daily
Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin Island --> 8:30 AM
Camiguin Island to Cagayan de Oro --> 4:00 PM

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin Island --> 8:30 AM
Camiguin Island to Bohol, Jagna --> 11:00 AM
Bohol, Jagna to Camiguin Island --> 1:30 PM
Camiguin Island to Cagayan de Oro --> 4:00 PM

Deck Php. 400.00
View Deck Php. 400.00
Business Class Php. 600.00
It is a two hour travel time before we reach Camiguin Island.

Alternate route:   Go to Agora Market, P350 asking price of taxi driver. Travel time is 30-45 mins

In agora market, ride a bus bound to Butuan City . (Rural Transit-Yellow buses) going to Balingoan (pronounced as balingwan) port (P130) Travel time is 1hr 45mins - 2hrs.

In Balingoan bus terminal, walk or ride a multi-tricycle (P7) going to the port proper. (multi-tricycle can carry up to 7pax); port is 100meters away.

In Balingoan port,  take the ferry going to Benoni wharf (P135). Trave time is around 1hr 20mins.

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