March 07, 2011

Underground River

It’s been raining the whole night because there was LPA. I am bit worried that our Underground tour will be cancelled but thank God for giving us good weather in Sabang. The travel time going to Undeground River is almost two hours and expects that is very long and winding road. It is not a smooth ride because some roads are not cemented. 

Fortunately, we have stopped over at Viewdeck because some of us are really dizzy and about to vomit. So next time, I will take bonamine. This road is the same road that I will need to travel if I want to go to El Nido so I am really thinking twice about El Nido.

Underground River Expense
Van Rental P3000
Permit P150/head local, 200/head foreigner
          13-17 yrs old P50
          6-12yrs old P 30
          5yrs old below free
Boat (good for 6pax) P 700/boat

Do not forget to bring ID because they will look for it. I forgot the cost of terminal fee.

You need to take boat to get to Underground River, it is just 15 minutes travel time. The underground river tour is about 45minutes. You will not get bored because the tour guide is really good, he will explain everything for you. I am proud that I have been here.

We availed the buffet lunch at the beach for P200 per head. The food is just ok so it is not worth the price especially for the kids because they have the same rate.


  1. I envy your PPUR exp. really urging so big seeing this natural wonder

  2. Nice! I'll definitely try this when I go visit!

  3. naku! ganda dyan! sana makapunta rin ako dyan! 0_o

  4. Paniguradong nakakamangha yung place.

  5. Lucky you are! You've been to one of the world's most beautiful places. Hope you had fun! :)

  6. i've been here before and it is truly nature's wonder.

  7. That's one of the places I wanna visit here in the Philippines. Kelan kaya? Hahahaha So nice!

  8. El Nido deserves a separate post..
    Nice that you brought your family.
    Being a travel Blogger, I could say El Nido has on some of the best beaches in the PH

  9. The Department of Education is promoting this PH nature under river tourist spot as one of 7 wonders of the world. Once this place is voted upon as 7 wonder nature of the world, PH will getting more tourists to allure and more income for the country. Let's cross our fingers that this PPUR could make it as one of the 7 wonders. So be it!

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  10. Appreciate the way you presented some of the most important info of the tour. That's what I always look for immediately when reading travel / tour posts - how much, where.

  11. These are beautiful pictures. Wish I would have the chance to visit this famous underground river. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I wish to see this world's natural wonder someday.

  13. oh i guess the most important thing always during travel is the storm because we can really never tell what's along the way. but good news you had a safe and enjoyable trip.


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