Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seven Things about Me

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1.       When I was still studying, I really have no interest in boys, not because I am tomboy but I promised myself that I will not have a boyfriend till I finish school. I do have crushes, suitors and best boyfriends (BBF) but I have no plan of committing yet. I am really waiting for the ONE and I do not want to settle for second best. I want my first boyfriend to be my last boyfriend too.

2.       But, I failed to keep my promise, almost two months before graduation, I said yes to my ex boyfriend and now my hubby. Feb. 14, 2003 to be exact. (why wait till graduation, lol!)

3.       After three years, we got married in Patio Victoria because this place is very memorable for us. We were in Intramuros when I said yes to him.

4.       We have no plan of having baby after our wedding because we want to enjoy our time as a couple and we want to be ready by the time we have our own child.

5.       Eighteen months after our wedding, we’ve decided to have our baby and after two months I’ve got pregnant. I cannot explain the feeling, but I was really happy. But my happiness did not last because I have to undergo D&C, my baby has no heartbeat. First ultrasound at 5 weeks, no heartbeat and second ultrasound still no heartbeat.

6.       Then I realized that no matter how I plan my life, there is God who has better plan for me in His time. Three months after my D&C, I’ve got pregnant again. I was happy and a little bit scared because I do not want to lose my baby anymore.

7.       I even quit my job just to make sure that I will no longer have miscarriage. I’ve been through a lot during my pregnancy, I’ve been on bed rest for few months, was not able to enjoy food till I reach my 5th month and I had a puppp on 7th month (which is not really good). But I have no regrets because I have my own child now.

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