June 16, 2011

Waterproof Strips

Yesterday, I had a small cut on my finger while opening the can of liver spread for beef caldereta so I have to stop and do something because the blood began to ooze. As I was checking our first aid kit, I saw Nexcare waterproof strip. 

It is a strip that can stays on in water, keeps water out and protection against water, dirt and germs. I was really curious if this product will work, so I’ve tried it and it is true, I was able to finish my beef caldereta, washed the dishes and the water did not penetrate on my cut.

I removed the strip and the portion of my cut is really dry. I was really amazed on this product.

The strips are ultra thin, clean, and sterile. It is also made from breathable material and latex free. It is like a double sided tape because you have to peel off the back and front cover.


1. Clean and dry wound thoroughly.

2. Pull outer wrapper apart then remove two tabs.
3. Apply to wound and press firmly.
4. Lift off paper.

In my case, I have to remove the wrapper one at a time, it is not easy because the strip is so thin like a cling wrap.

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