July 28, 2011

Butter Fried Chicken

Two weeks ago, I’ve tasted butter fried chicken when we dined in Wong Sau Restaurant and I’ve promised myself that I will do it at home. But I failed to get the same result, my chicken is not crispy and I can’t taste the butter on its skin. I thought I could get the same result by simply frying the chicken on butter. =) I’ve tried to search for butter chicken recipe on Google but I can’t find anything except for the butter chicken of India. I guess, I just have to buy butter chicken at Wong Sau Restaurant if I crave for it.


  1. You know what I say? Try and try! :-D Butter chicken sounds yummy. I might have to experiment on that one too.. but I wouldn't know if it's gonna be the same as of Wong Sau's heh.

    Spanish Pinay

  2. Sounds good... I wonder where Wong Sau is :)


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