Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pusit Adobo

One of my favorite dish is adobo because we all know that it is so easy to prepare, so every week expect that there is one adobo meal in our menu. It only varies in the main ingredient, whether it is chicken, pork, chicken liver and gizzard, vegetable, squid or combination of pork and chicken. So this week, I decided to cook adobong pusit, this is not my first time to cook this meal but during our lunch my son keeps on saying that my food is dirty. ”Mommy, that’s dirty, eewww.” I was so shocked at first and I don’t know what to say. I just told him that this is a food and it is not dirty. But he did not believe me so I just finish my meal as fast as I can because I no longer want to hear him saying “mommy, dirty food”, “that’s dirty mommy”, eewww, dirty! dirty! etc.

I thought it will not happen again, so yesterday I ate the leftover squid during our breakfast. And my son said the magic word again to ruin my appetite. My hubby just keeps on laughing when he heard my son. Of course, where did my son learn this word, he heard it from me. So from now on, I will stop using eewww.


  1. I can understand how the adobong pusit looked to your son. ^_^

  2. Love it with coconut milk and a little bit spicy =)

  3. Wow, it's often a wonder where kids get their ideas on things, isn't it?

    Spanish PinayWow, it's often a wonder where kids get their ideas on things, isn't it?

    Spanish Pinay


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