July 03, 2011

Red Velvet Cake

coffee jelly frappuccino P155 (free from HSBC) red velvet cake P110 per slice)

It’s time to redeem our Starbucks beverage again and this time we ordered coffee jelly frappuccino and red velvet cake. I haven’t tried any red velvet cake before so I am curious about its taste. When I ordered red velvet cake, the staff told me that it’s a good choice because this cake is really yummy. It is red, moist and dense sponge cake layered with frosted icing.

But red velvet cake is too sweet for me, I thought one slice is not enough for me but I even shared it with my husband just to finish the slice of cake. I am not saying that it is not good but this cake is not my type, overly sweet for me. Now, I know why the staff gave me a glass of water even I did not ask for it.
Coffee jelly frappuccino is just ok for me; I still prefer mocha frappucino and java chip frappucino.


  1. i havent tried any red velvet cake too so im curious with this one...

  2. I have tried Red Ribbon's red velvet cake, it was okay naman. Then again I have a sweet tooth and it takes way too much sugary sweetness to turn me off cakes and such. =)