Monday, July 4, 2011

Super Ice Cream Potong

RM1.70 per stick
I was looking for something to eat while killing our time and I still have few smaller bills and coins left to spend. I saw this Taluwang Super Ice Cream Potong in one of the airport stores, it is Malaysians Popsicle that is made of coconut and fruit flavors, there are ten flavors to choose from such as durian, avocado, cendol, sweet corn, cempedak, red bean, yam, mango, and sweet corn. I chose sweet corn but my son did not like it so I ended up eating the popsicles. I love the taste of their ice cream because it is not too sweet and they use coconut milk instead of dairy.


  1. Wow! At first, I thought that it was junk food because of the packaging. Never thought that it was ice cream! :D I hope I can go to Malaysia. I want to try their ice cream. The flavors are interesting. Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  2. It looks so delicious, siguro mas masarap yung Mango flavor nila?! =)

  3. well this is new. i'd like to try the avocado and sweet corn.

    i love food too, hope you could visit my blog! thanks! :)

  4. I wonder how it tastes. I love ice cream that is not too sweet and with coconut milk. I always buy the ice cream that Michael V. endorses because it has coconut milk also. =)

  5. thanks support Taluwang Super Ice cream potong.


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