August 31, 2011

7th Roses

Last Saturday was my niece 7th birthday celebration and my son was part of her 7th roses. This is a much awaited event for me because I want to know if my son will dance or not. It’s good to know that the clothes were fitted on him. He looks good on it though he wasn’t comfortable.

Before the party, my son was not in the mood, it so obvious in the picture because he did not want to smile. He was so sleepy and he was not able to wait for his turn.

So what happened when the host called his name? Check the photo. =)


  1. haha,cute ng son mo sis! memorable experience for him :D

  2. Wow, it's nice how the celebration was like a debut complete with 7 roses. :) Your son looks so cute in his suit. ^_^ I guess he was so tired that day.

  3. So sweet. This will make a good story to tell him when he's older. =)