August 02, 2011

Baguio Beans

Though I am a meat lover, I still eat vegetables from time to time. Baguio bean is one of my favorite vegetable because it is so easy to cook. The hard part of cooking this dish is slicing baguio beans into strips. It is already a complete dish because you have vegetable, meat and seafood. You can add carrots on this dish but since we are not fond of carrots, I did not add any.


  1. Nice recipe sis. Will try to cook it in my end and see how the kids take it :D

  2. Uy sarap! You know, I started using baguio beans for sinigang kasi bihirang bihira ang sitaw dito eh... and it's also good hehe

    Spanish Pinay

  3. same with my mom, she use any vegetable for her dish. they also have baguio beans in can, di masarap. iba pa rin ang fresh.