August 03, 2011

Instant Champorado

As much as I want to have arrozcaldo for our breakfast, I’m too lazy to cook blame it to gloomy weather. So why not make an instant champorado, all you need is instant oatmeal, Nesquick, water and sugar. Put it in microwave for 2 minutes then add milk. Tee..hee…I have now champorado in less than five minutes.


  1. i love champorado and have been craving for this for a acouple of days now! thanks for the suggestion =)

  2. i love champorado with lots of evap milk.i don't know but i'm not really a fan of champorado+tuyo.hehe!

  3. same tayo. i don't eat tuyo din.

  4. try WHITE KING CHAMPORADO sa grocery :D doesn't taste like instant.. super chocolatey!! :D i like it w/ milk since i dont eat tuyo.

  5. Wow, I'm surprised daming hindi kumakain ng tuyo. I love tuyo :-D with toyo and kalamansi or kamatis! hmmm.

    I do this recipe too, michi. And most of the days, I prepare this for Little Spanish Pinay's almusal... but very few nesquick lang just to put some flavor on the quacker oats :-)

    Spanish Pinay


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