August 01, 2011


Honestly, I have no idea how I can help my son in overcoming his fear. He is scared with mascots, clowns and life sized figures. Every time we attend birthday party or we see life sized figures, he doesn’t want to go near. 

I thought he will be happy and excited just like other kids when we celebrate his 1st birthday at McDonalds but he was not. When other kids are so excited to take pictures with the mascot, my son does not want to get near with these guys but we have to for souvenir sake.  

Last Saturday, we saw this robot (don’t know their name) at Southmall and we want to take some photos but my son doesn’t like the idea. I really hope that he can overcome this fear because I want him to enjoy these things just like the other kids because for sure there are more birthdays, costume parties and events that he will attend in the future. I’m hoping that he will realize that getting photos next to mascots, clowns and life sized figures is also fun.  


  1. I can relate with your son's fear, I have the same.
    But there's a chance he'll outgrow his fear. My niece did when she turned 9 or 10.
    Just be patient and don't force him =)

  2. ^ really! you just gave me hope. =)

  3. My Alex is also afraid of mascots. She cried everytime she sees one. Even on her 2nd birthday. But November last year, na-overcome na nya yung fear kay Jollibee pa lang. ^_^ Kaso 2 weeks ago, talagang nag freakout nung nakita si Ronald Mcdo. Iyak talaga sya at sigaw ng sigaw "I wanna go home! Get me out of here please" Nakakaawa. But I'm sure our kids will overcome this fear. Let's just wait. ^_^

  4. I love the picture where your son is trying to get away from his dad's grip!

  5. yeah, that's normal for kids. I still don't know if mine would be scared of mascots kasi she hasn't seen one... bihira dito ang mascots eh hehe. But so far, she likes watching Jollibee's videos.. so we'll see pagdating namin ng Pinas :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  6. Its normal for kids to be afriad of mascots and clowns and whatnot. Don't worry. Its just a phase he'll eventually outgrow. My bro used to hide under the table every time a mascot came near us. Hehehe! =)

  7. I have masklophobia and I am 12. I have had it for a long time. Clowns is normal. But the big-headed mascots is an actual phobia (which I have). I haven't grown out of it yet. But I have a severe phobia and your son might just have the normal fear because he looks fine in the pictures.

    1. thanks for that info. i do hope it is just a normal fear and i hope you outgrow your fear too. =)

  8. For many kid,s it is not fun to get their picture taken with mascots. It can be terrifying to some.