August 16, 2011

My Comfort Food

I wasn’t feeling good yesterday because my heart was aching and to mend my heart, I need to eat my comfort food. =) I’m a meat lover so steak and mashed potato is one of my comfort foods. I’ve asked hubby if he will be home for dinner and he said yes, so I’ve asked him to drop by at KFC to buy mashed potato. When my husband came he said “nagtataka ko bakit nagpabili ka ng mashed potato, steak pala ulam.” (Monday menu: ginataang hipon).

my comfort food

I was busy eating our meal and he said

Hubby: Kaya mo ubusin yan?
Me: Of course, why not?
Hubby: You can’t really live without meat, bawal ka maging poor.
Me: kaya magpayaman ka para marami ko pambili steak. Hehe!

My husband wasn’t able to finish his steak and he said “o ayan may steak ka pa tomorrow. =)


  1. wow ang sarap naman pala ng comfort food mo. how do you marinate your steak?

  2. ^did not marinate it, salt and pepper lang. =)

  3. Great nga with KFC's mashed potatoes. =)