August 01, 2011

Yummy Cheese Roll

Last weekend, I want to buy leche flan roll before going home but there was no stock so I’ve asked my hubby what should I buy, he said mamon. We all love red ribbon mamon, we can finish the pasalubong pack (6pcs.) in one sitting.

I suggested the yummy cheese roll because I always see this in commercial but they did not agree with me. So I bought pasalubong pack of mamon and 1 cheese roll.

Cheese roll is really yummy; it is simple bread with slice of cheese filling. One roll is not enough, too bad, I only bought one piece.


  1. so true nga ang ads..
    sinong nagbake! =)

  2. Side story: you know, mamon is a spanish word but unlike mamon in the Philippines, mamon is an insult here... if you call someone mamon it's like calling him stupid or something even worse than that hehe.. .so I don't think we got mamon from spanish, no? The first time I heard this word here, I told my husband that we use this for a type of bread. He laughed out loud. Then he laughed even harder about puto... yeah, puto here is the male version of p**a... and quite a strong swear word!

    Spanish Pinay

  3. ^ really! so never use the word mamon and puto in spain. =)

  4. I prefer French Baker's cheese roll. Medyo kulang sa cheese yung sa Red Ribbon e, IMO. =(

  5. haven't tried the french baker's version. you're correct, isang slice lang yung cheese sa red ribbon. hehe!

  6. while searching for yummy cheese rolls i was directed to your blog :D

    i haven't tried red ribbon but i so agree french baker had a good version too.

    and recently tried the one sold at Dusit Gourmet, it's very good at a very affordable price :)