September 23, 2011

Beware: New Modus

I’ve read this post in Facebook and I would like to share this to inform everyone.

It was about 3 weeks ago, I was at the Shell station getting diesel. It was about 11:30pm .. I was approached by 2 men and 2 women in a car. The man that was driving asked me 'What kind of perfume do you wear?' I was a bit confused and I asked him 'Why?' He said 'We are selling some name brand perfumes, at cheap prices.' I said I had no money. He then reached out of the car and handed me paper that was laminated; it had many perfumes on it. I looked quickly at it and gave it back. I said, I have no money. He said it is OK, we take cheques, cash or credit cards. Then the people in the car began to laugh. I just got in my car and said no thanks. Then I received this e-mail yesterday and it sent chills up my spine. Please read this. It is not joke. Here is the e-mail I was sent:

Dear Friends:

I know not all of you are women that I am sending this to, but I am hoping you will share this with your wives, daughters, mother, sisters, etc.. Our world seems to be getting crazier by the day. Pipe bombs in mailboxes and sickos in parking lots with perfume. Be careful. I was approached yesterday afternoon around 3:30 pm in a car park by two males who asked what kind of perfume I was wearing. Then they asked if I'd like to sample some fabulous scent they were willing to sell me at a very reasonable rate. I probably would have agreed had I not received an e-mail some weeks ago warning of a 'Wanna smell this neat perfume?'scam. Someone walks up to you at the malls or in parking lots and asking you to SNIFF PERFUME that they are selling at a cheap price. THIS IS NOT PERFUME...IT IS ETHER! When you sniff it, you'll pass out. They'll take your wallet, your valuables and heaven knows what else. The men continued to stand between parked cars, I guess to wait for someone else to hit on. I stopped a lady going towards them, pointing at them and told her about how I was sent an e-mail at work. If it were not for this e-mail, I probably would have sniffed the 'perfume' but thanks to the generosity of an e-mailing friend, I was spared whatever might have happened to me. I wanted to do the same for you.. PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO ALL YOUR WOMEN FRIENDS AND PLEASE BE ALERT AND BE AWARE. IF YOU ARE A MAN AND RECEIVE THIS, PASS IT ON TO YOUR WIFE/WOMEN FRIEND


  1. I shared this with my sis, may or may not be true nut there's no harm in being cautious. Take care sis =)

  2. Kakatakot namn yan! Thanks for sharing! Pero kung ako siguro ang naka experience nyan e di ko naman sila papansinin dahil di namn ako mahilig sa pabango. hehehe!

  3. i hope it doesn't happen to anyone.