September 09, 2011

Kidz Playhouse

It seems that I’ll be posting more playhouses in the future because my son is a handful now. We went to Festival Mall yesterday to accompany my mom in her shopping spree but she can’t concentrate on her thing because we keep on chasing my son inside the department store and I can’t remember how many times I told my son “to behave”, “to stay in one place” and “to stop touching displays”. After one hour, I told my mom that I’m really tired and I have no more strength to go on so we had an early lunch.

After lunch, my son and I went straight to Kidz Playhouse beside Hairplay. This was our first time to go there, P180 for unlimited play. The place is quite small, toys are very limited compare to other playhouses and the staffs are not wearing any uniform so it took me time to find out who the staffs are and who the guardians are. 

I hate waiting and waiting my mom to finish her shopping while I’m inside the playhouse is not really enjoyable. I do not know how my hubby entertains himself while he’s in the playhouse. I guess, I should learn how to kill my time because there is more to come. I’m still a paranoid mom who can’t leave my son inside the playhouse, who can’t read a magazine or watch TV because I keep on checking my son if he is enjoying himself or if he is hitting someone or vice versa.


  1. 180 is good for unlimited play, though they may need to buy more toys para naman di ma bore mga kids. Ang hirap naman nun sis kung di sila naka-uniform?
    But I'm with you, horap talagang magshopping na may kasamang bata. Ako he needs to be strapped to his buggy kundi maloloka ako, hehe

  2. wow! 180 for unlimited market2 mahal mga playhouses..

  3. definitely a kid's happy place! 180 for unlimited play,ok sya.dito samen 30 minutes P100,ano ba yun.

  4. Can't wait to bring my daughter sa Festival Mall which I enjoyed when I was young!