September 22, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Here are my seven random things about me.

1.       I’m practicing “minimalist living” less stuff and less furniture.

2.       I weed out our closet, twice or thrice a year. I eliminate all clothes that do not fit me and clothes that I rarely use; I do the same thing with my husband and son’s closet. We only have limited space so if ever I will buy something, I need to let go some stuff. I give them to relatives or someone who needs them. Some of my son’s pre-loved stuff, I sell it online.

3.       I’m practicing “green living”, I really practice reduce, reuse and recycle. Every month we go to junkshop to sell our junk (papers, boxes, plastic, bottles, tin cans and anything that we can sell). All earnings go to my son’s savings account.

4.       I’m not a fan of throwing big birthday parties. I do not enjoy the preparation so when my son celebrated his 1st birthday, I just went to McDonalds to avail their birthday package. Less stress and less hassle for me.

5.       I love to cook but during holidays and birthdays, I do not want to cook. I rather eat out or take out some food for our Noche Buena or birthday celebration. Less stress and less pressure for me. One more thing, I want to eat different food not my own dish. (“sawa na ko sa luto ko”).

6.       I’m not into fashion, jewelry, gadgets or any material stuff, I don’t mind if I do not have the latest gadgets, if I don’t wear branded clothes or shoes and if I don’t own a branded bag because I love to spend my money on experiences. Blessed are those people who can afford to travel and buy branded stuff. I love to travel, how I wish I can do it often. I do believe that you don’t have to be rich to travel; you can see and experience the world in a budget. Travelling makes me happy.  Nakakatuwa lang because when I was still working I have the money but I have no time to travel because of my limited vacation leave but now that I am not working, I have all the time in world but I have very limited budget. Hahaha! I also believe that you have to enjoy your hard earned money, di na lang puro save because when you die, you can’t bring your money. (sayang!). So enjoy life! Believe me, there are a lot of things that you can learn and understand when you travel. (parang dami ko ng napuntahan noh?)

7.       I always bring camera wherever I go because I love pictures, pictures and pictures. I do hope that I can replace my 5 yrs old camera soon. (para naman maganda shots ko J )


  1. Thank you Michi! its nice to know more about you with this post and I'm with your wish to have a new camera:) ako I'm wishing to have a new lens;)

    goodluck for both of us! Life is good!

  2. thanks michi for the tag! :) ako rin i would love to travel more :)

  3. Thank you very much Michi! :) I like your 6th post the most. I'm not fond of jewelries and branded things. I much rather travel because the experience in traveling is worth more than material things. Good thing there are so many airline promos nowadays! Yes, we should enjoy life! ^_^

    Take care!

  4. ^ yes, we should thank the airlines promos. =)

  5. You're welcome sis. I love your post, it tells us a bit more about you. I'm all for minimalist living, haha at one point nasabihan nga ako na para akong bagong lipat kasi ang empty ng bahay, hehe.
    Dito it's easy to be green kasi they collect your recyclables every fortnight, yun nga lang i don't get anything from it, but helping the environment is enough.
    Ako din, id rather have small intimate parties para naman makausap ko ang mga guests.
    Dito pag may occasion, we either cook everything (Papa E is an excellent cook kasi) or we buy half of the handa then cook the rest. But we tend to cook what we can in advance. You're right less stress, the better!
    I'm not into fashion pero i have to admit i love my gadgets... And travelling din. Haha, kakatuwa ang buhay no, I'm sure you'll find time & budget to travel more. You're right, we have to know how to enjoy life =)
    Naku ang haba na ng comment ko, hehe.
    I answered your question mo sa last post ko.. =)

  6. Hello! First time commenter here.. Stumbled on this blog thru mommy fleur's. I like what you wrote in the above post. Very rarely do you see or read about people advocating a life of simplicity these days, so your sentiments are very refreshing. Today, it's all about buying and getting the latest, most expensive stuff. Sometimes I feel like I stand out like a sore thumb among my consumerist friends, haha. I also agree with you re your stance on parties. I'd rather give my child a simple party and then spend the funds on a nice family bonding trip to HK. And while I do love sales and bargains, I try to be wise and prudent and not go overboard. When you panic buy and purchase stuff you don't really need, the clutter really catches up with you fast. I usually find myself regretting whenever I spring clean and have to go through piles of unused or unnecessary clutter na katas ng sales at shopping. =) yon lang po. More power to you and your blog.

  7. thank you guys for liking this post and sharing your thoughts.

    hi carla, thanks for dropping by. i also love sale and bargains but i try to stick on our needs to avoid the clutter. =)