September 13, 2011

Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Last weekend while getting my credit card bill online, I’ve read that Starbucks Instant Rewards will end on October 31, 2011. Hmm, the end is near for my Starbucks adventures so I immediately check our charge slips if we have something to redeem.

We decided to have our breakfast at Starbucks before going to Asian Hospital for my son’s check-up. We redeemed our free beverages, Café Latte P110, Caramel Macchiato P140 and White Chocolate Mocha P140. It was my first time to try Caramel Macchiato and I’ve enjoyed it. We also ordered Cinnamon Swirl P60, Ham and Cheese Croissant P75 and Ultimate Grilled Cheese P140.

Ultimate Grilled Cheese is one of the new sandwiches of Starbucks; it has six types of cheese such as cheddar, mozzarella, emmenthal, provolone, gruyene, and feta. I felt so disappointed because I was expecting cheese sandwich but when I sliced it, I saw slices of Hungarian Sausage inside. But in spite of my disappointment I still love this sandwich, another alternative for Grilled Ham and Three Cheese. The name is quite deceiving, those people who are not eating meat won’t be happy if they order this.


  1. It's been a while since nagluto ako ng ganto ah.
    Bukas nga ulit =P

  2. i have been planning to try the ultimate grilled cheese for some time now and haven't had the chance yet. it was nice to run into this, through GT, sis. followed you through GC as well! i might enjoy the sausage :)

  3. natatakam ako sa cheese. i will try this-- OR I will just wait for Christian to share his recipe. hehe! :p

  4. I really should try going to Starbuck again. Ang dami na nilang bagon from the menu! =)