October 03, 2011


Most of the kids in our neighborhood have their own bike while my son still using his old cars. I don’t always charge his car for obvious reason to minimize our electricity bill so he opt to use the small car and some kids will tease him that he’s too big for his car. So my mom told me that I should buy a bike. Well, I really want to buy a bike for my son but my hubby always disagrees, he always reason out that my son is too young to ride a bike.

Before my mom left the Philippines she gave my son an advanced birthday gift so my son is now enjoying his bike. Thank you wowa for the gift!

The bike has four wheels so I have no problems in teaching him but if we will remove the two wheels, then I will have a problem. How can I teach him if I don’t know how to ride a bike?
I am looking for a bicycle helmet. Do you have any idea where I can buy one?


  1. obvious na enjoy talaga si kiddo sa new bike nya oh! :) si Xian kase naka-four wheels pa.wala ba sis sa toys r us? meron ako nakitaan dati pa, i'm not sure kung dun nga.poor memory!

  2. sa dept store pa lang ako nagcheck. try ko sa toy r us. mukhang mag four wheels siya ng matagal, hehe!

  3. cute! mukhang happy talaga sya sa bike nya :)