October 18, 2011

Fun Poster Paints

I was decluttering my son’s closet last Saturday and I found poster paints. I am pretty sure that my son will love to use this. I cannot say that my son has gift of art but I know that he loves to color and scribble. It is pretty obvious on our walls, furniture and his stuff, just like this table. I bought this last summer before his summer class and after few months, the table is almost filled of crayons.

I called my son and gave him the poster paints, paint brush, scratch paper and cup of water. I let him do his own thing.

He really enjoyed this activity because after an hour, he was able to finish 6 pieces of artwork.  It was messy but fun.

On the same day, we attended birthday party and the loot bag includes this


  1. ang creative naman ni Ethan,i bet may work of art din sya sa wall nyo.haha! nabasa ko before na yung urge daw ng mga kids to write in every surface of the house,it helps nurture their social, emotional, psychological growth etc.

    pero in fairness sis, mukhang may future si Ethan based on his masterpiece :)

  2. ^ yes, mother, it's from you. =)

    @Mommy jo - thank you for that info...hindi ko na alam gagawin ko kay ethan at kahit anong saway, nagcocolor pa rin. at least, makakatulong din pala yun. =)

  3. Angry Birds must be a real fun video game huh. I see them everywhere but never have played it yet.

  4. ^ you're not alone. i know it's famous pero hindi ko pa din nalalaro.

  5. pareho sila ng son ko..pati walls namin may doodles! hehe!

  6. at first I really had fun with angry birds pero delete ko na sya..madali akng nagsawa,,..hahhaaa

    But Ethan is really artistic and I salute you for letting him do this thing..to get dirty and have fun:) one way develop the artistic side of a child:)


  7. @kath - same problem pala tayo sa mga walls natin. hehe!

    @sunny- curious nga ko diyan sa angry birds kaso baka maaddict ako, wag na lang i-try. hehe!

  8. hey i think he'g got something there ah. Very clever =)
    Ako buti na lang sa nursery they do a lot of art works and they give them to us at the end of the month, nakafile lahat, hehe. Sa bahay he has waterbased crayons kasi kung hindi abstract na ang walls namin, hehe =)

    Ang cute ng angry birds =)

  9. ^ nakakatuwa pag nakita mu yung artwork, sa kin din nakatago yung artwork ni ethan nung nag summer class siya. =) too late ko na nalaman na may waterbased colors so may abstract na walls namin. hehe!