October 26, 2011

Cooking Pancake

My son loves pancake and he can eat two pieces for breakfast so cooking 1 small pack of instant hotcake mix is enough for our breakfast and merienda. I used ¼ measuring cup to make 8 pieces of pancake.

This is the first time that I let my son do the mixing and he enjoyed this so I am now thinking to include him in my cooking and baking session. Another way to bond with my son.

To make your pancake more appealing, you can use cute pancake pan like this. 


  1. It's really nice to have some mother-son bonding time.. :) I like pancakes too, but not as much as I used to when I was still a kid.. ^^

  2. This is my daughter's favorite too. She like making a mess in my kitchen!

  3. I miss instant pancake mixes in the philippines. there seems to be nothing like that here. I tried to do them homemade but I have yet to find a really tasty recipe.

    Spanish Pinay

  4. nice bonding moment sis, mukhang enjoy sya sa ginagawa nya.Ethan might be the next Junior Master Chef :)

  5. @ spanish pinay - don't worry sis, malapit ka na naman umuwi, makakapaghoard ka na ng instant pancake mix. =)

    @ jenggai and jo - sana nga maging chef para may taga luto na ko. hihihi!

    @sumi go and allison - i agree, fun but messy bonding time. =D