November 20, 2011

Banana Recipe

Banana is a staple food in our home because it is one of our favourite fruits. I considered banana as a versatile fruit because you can bake, fried or steamed it. Best fruit for desserts and merienda, this week we had banana for our afternoon snack.

1. Banana-Q

Banana - Q
2. Steamed Saba

Steamed Saba (cardaba banana cultivar)

3. Sweet Saba

4. Banana Bread

To save our over ripe banana, I baked our all-time favourite banana bread.

banana bread

5. Turon - honestly, I rather buy turon than prepare it on my own, too much effort in wrapping banana. :)

6. Fried Saba - fried and dip it in a sugar


  1. Those look yummy! :) Banana is a staple in our dinning table too.. Pero ours is the Lacatan variant. Ang everyday meal-ender namin at home. Sometimes, may BananaQ din or breaded banana for snacks.. ^^

  2. Oh I missed my banana eating time with you and Ethan:)

  3. I love bananas as well. I can snack on them the whole day! Especially turon with ice cream.

  4. yummy banana! i love banana con yelo and turon with ice cream! :)

  5. nacurious ako sa turon w/ ice cream, will try that...

  6. Talagang lahat ginawa mo na sa banana! halatang di nyo masyado favorite! hehehe! Ako din mahilig sa banana.

  7. I don't eat the "usual" kind of bananas, I only eat saba bananas such as bananaQ and turon. Hehe! I recently had a post about cooking turon with bacon and cheese. Hope you can check it out. :)

    Followed you, btw.

  8. I envy those who know how to bake! :)


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