November 23, 2011

Christmas Books and More

Last Saturday, I went to hospital for my check-up but my doctor was still out of the country. I was there last last week and forgot to ask the staff why the doctor is not available. Anyway, sayang ang tollgate and gas so we went to mall.

After eating our lunch, I went to Booksale to buy some books for my son and here’s what I got for P210. I plan to buy Christmas books only but my son gave me another book, “When I’m Big as Freddie” for P35. “The Bear’s Christmas” really caught my attention because it looks familiar to me, I opened the book and it made me smiled because I’ve read this book when I was a kid.

Knowing my son who is so obsessed with crayons and coloring books, I bought new stuff for him. I do hope this will last for few months. I like these coloring books because it has illustration so kids can imitate the colors on the picture.


  1. I am so going to miss booksale when we go back to SG. Hay! Anf mahal ng books dun. Unless if I go to Bras Bhasa but it's also expensive as compared to getting it at Booksale here. =(

  2. It's really nice that your son likes books and coloring.. :) I've always seen Booksale at malls, I think I have to pay it a visit soon.

  3. nice weekend loots sis! happy place talaga for us moms and kids ang Book Sale.teka parang gigil na gigil si Ethan icolor si Thomas.hehe!

  4. correct! kaya di na ko nagrenew ng membership sa learning is fun kasi may booksale naman, mas mura pa. =) good as new naman ang books.

    ganyan talaga siya magkulay...hehe!

  5. Wow dami na namn pagkakalibangan ang son mo! Good find yan ah mura!