November 21, 2011


Coloring is one of my son’s favorite activities so I always buy coloring books and crayons and I can’t remember how many coloring books and pack of crayons I already bought for him. 

There are times that he can finish one coloring book in one week using one color for each page. I just let him scribbles and doodles for as long as he is happy, our walls are living proof that he really loves this activity. But this did not stop me for giving him crayons and coloring books because I believe that there are benefits in coloring.

Right now, he always colors broadly over the picture, colors goes beyond the line and most of the time he will only use one color. But I am still hoping that time will come that his movement will become more precise and smaller and he will learn to use appropriate colors for each illustrations and pictures.

Coloring develops hand strength, grip and coordination. I’m not an expert but I’m trying to teach different techniques in coloring, up and down, side to side, circular motion and most of all staying in the lines, little by little I see some improvement but if he is not in the mood, he won’t listen to me.

Using the same worksheet, my son gave me different result.

I got my worksheet in


  1. I agree about the benefits of coloring.. It's nice though that you're a very supportive mom. Looking back from now, I remember my parents scolding us for drawing and coloring on our walls.. XD

  2. for his age,ang galing na magcolor ni Ethan sis.this is also one of Xian's fave activities.mas excited na tuloy sya magschooling next year :)

  3. ^ really sis, natuwa naman ako at ok na pala pagcolor niya. mag-school na rin si ethan kaya sinasanay ko na. =)

    @sumi go - sanay na ko sa pagcolor niya sa walls. don't sweat on small stuff. =)

  4. Ganyan din mag color si Ykaie! hehehe! Ganyan namn talaga sa umpisa. By the way ang pag pronounce ng Ykaie e Ikay. Pinaarte lang yung spelling! hihihi! Actually nickname nya lang yun.

  5. Ang galing na ni Ethan =)
    I really have to encourage Poj to colour more. Mas gusto nya kasi ang magread. But I agree with it's benefits. Kaya pag may lakad kami i bring crayons and papers instead of toys or books para maiba naman.