November 15, 2011

Jack O’ Lantern

This is a late post of our Halloween activity, I’ve got the materials here. You can read a lot of version of Jack O’ Lantern but I like Carissa’s version and I would like to share this even it’s no longer Halloween.


post daw namin sa wall

I am Jack O’ Lantern
My Lights will shine so bright
For I’m a Christian pumpkin
My symbols tell what’s right
My nose is like the cross
On which our Saviour died
To set us free from sin
We need no longer hide
My mouth is like a fish
The whole wide world to show
That Christians live in this house
And love their Saviour so!
The story starts at Christmas
My eyes are like the star
That shone on Baby Jesus
And wise men saw from afar
My color, it is orange
Just like the big bright sun
That rose on Easter Day
Along with God’s own son
And so on Halloween
Let’s set our pumpkins out
And tell the trick or treaters
What God’s Love is all about!


  1. nice one.enjoy na enjoy pa. pati walls ba may color din? hahaha!

  2. This is so nice.. Your son looked like he had tons of fun doing that activity.. :) Really cute!

  3. joy - thanks!

    lelay - yes sis, makulay ang aming walls, hehe!

    sumi go - thanks, he really likes coloring activity.

  4. hehe, enjoy na enjoy ang bagets mo =)

  5. ^ hehe! smiling face talaga yan sa picture...

  6. you have a very cute boy! it's really hard to resist when they smile like that.