December 07, 2011

Learning Easel Case

I bought learning easel two weeks ago for my godson but my son seems to like it and they (he and hubby) opened the box in the car, I was not there because I was still busy buying Christmas wrapper. Well, what can I do, he already enjoyed the easel.


  1. So cute! ^^ Tandem pa talaga your son and husband in sabotaging your gift for your godson. But anyway, your son seems to really enjoy learning eseal.. :)

  2. haha,mga baby boy talaga! ganyan din si Xian sis actually yung isang supposedly gift ko,ayun naopen na din nya :)

  3. sumi- yes, partner in crime

    joy - busy for the whole day.

    jo - kaya dapat itago ang mga gift. =)

  4. that's what we all have in common with kids - gifts! :-) better keep it before the kids see it or you'll end up giving everything to him lol.

  5. Hi michi! You have so many great photos, especially about your son. I hope you can also join the Colorful Weekend sometime. (It's still ongoing now!} You can share anything with color over there {old or new posts}! Hope to see you, and you have a lovely blog.


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