Thursday, December 8, 2011

Minimalist Living


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I’m trying to practice minimalist living in my life because I love the idea of “living with less but only with the best”.  But I’m not on the extreme side, I consider myself as a simple to moderate minimalists. I talked to a friend before and he said that he only has three shirt, one pants and so forth.  I asked him why, he said he donated all his clothes because he wants to live simple. I love his idea but I know that I cannot live in less than 10 pieces of clothes because I love variations.

I’m not sure if my “Milenyo” experience is the start of my minimalist living but it helped me in downsizing our stuff.  When I was still young I love to collect stuff including my first airline ticket, entrance fee tickets of my travel, membership cards or any cute stuff that has sentimental value which will serve as souvenir but after our bungalow apartment submerged into chest deep flood everything change.  We lost almost everything and I bid goodbye to all cards, love letters, magazines, books and stuff that I have collected. That’s when I realized that I can live without it. So when we move out to our own house, we did not have a hard time moving our stuff, everything fits in one truck van. Living in a new home helped me more in simplifying my life.

Minimalist living doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to embrace the true meaning of it and I’m still on the process. But I want to share five benefits of minimalist living from everyday minimalist.

1.       Less stress – i love the first benefit because stress is not really good for my health. I have skin condition called psoriasis and stress is not good for psoriasis patient because it triggers our flare up. 

How to achieve less stress? The answer is living a simple life by cutting back your commitments and downsizing your stuff. Do not say yes to all invitations, parties and events if you think that is not really necessary. Christmas is a very busy month and I’m sure you have a lot of parties, occasions and events that you need to attend but do not stress yourself, learn to prioritize.

Minimize your stuff so you have less to take care of. As everyday minimalist say “The less you have and do, the more you will FREE”

2.       Less impact on the environment – minimalist living is like practicing green living because in some way you are helping the environment. Minimalists tend to buy less and use less. Before, I used to buy stuff if I find it cute or if it is on sale but now I think before I buy.  I always ask myself “do I really need this?”

3.       Less money is spent – because you will buy less and save your money. Saved money can be used for future needs or future wants like travel. Minimalist doesn’t mean you are cheap but it means buying quality items so you can use them for long period of time. Quality items are not always expensive; there are quality items that are affordable.

Do not buy new stuff just because it is “in” or everyone has it and you feel less if you don’t have the latest gadgets, bags and so forth.

4.       Less cleaning to do – being a minimalist is a great help especially for a full time mom like me who has no helper and nanny. Imagine the stress if I have more stuff and furniture that I have to clean, polish and maintain every day.

5.       Less time wasted – if we learn to simplify, prioritize and organize less time is wasted. We have more time to focus on things which is more valuable and significant.

Just yesterday, I deactivated my facebook account because I just feel that I do not need an almost 600 friends and it consumes my time reading the news feed even if I skim and scan. I try to weed out since last month by removing acquaintance friends, schoolmates and even classmates that I’m not really close but it taking me so much time so I just deactivated it and create a new one and hoping not to commit the same mistake again.

It is not being snob but I just want to be connected with my real friends and families, someone who will really take time to check on me. So if you feel that you are one of those that I have deleted, I’m sorry but if you want to be connected with me, you can follow my twitter, facebook page or blog. =)

“As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have more friends and what is more important is to have REAL ONES.”

December is a busy month for me because this is the month when I weed out our closets, I put away our paper bills, I delete some files, email and phone numbers that i will no longer need and let go unnecessary stuff.

How about you, are you a minimalist or not?


  1. I would love to trying living in minimalism, but my life now is full of clutter and I share a room with my sister. However, I'll definitely try living with less but the best and put this into my system as I very much agree with everything that you wrote.. :)

  2. Trying my best to be living minimalist especially that we have a small house.

  3. i agree... less stuff = less stress :)

  4. Super like. I have always had the habit of decluttering my life ^_^ the less you have to keep, the less you have to attend to, and the more time you can give on more important things (and people too) ^_^

  5. I love this post. Less everything is better actually :) I agree with @chew on this that living a clutter-free (or at least trying to) gives you more time to do other valuable things.

  6. well said sis,i really admire minimalist house but i'm a self-confessed sentimental person that's why sometimes it's really hard for me to let go something that has been a part of me for years. although i'm trying to reduce it na,haha! kelangan ko ng matinding will power to practice minimalist living :)

  7. sumi- it's time for you to declutter. =)

    jhaney - we also have limited space so minimalist living is worth a try.

    janelle - thanks for droppy by.

    COT and anneM- thanks for liking.

    jo - it's really hard to let go if you are sentimental person but little by little you will learn to prioritize things and malelet go mo na rin ang iba. =)

  8. Very well said. Less is more :)

    We live in a small apartment and we, too, have adjusted to the fact that we can't just buy and buy. Mahirap din kaya maglinis ng bhay lalo na pag walang yaya.

    Before, I used to buy stuff that I don't need because I find the item cute or cheap. Also, I used to buy heaps of shoes and sandals (those that can be bought at Tiangges). But after I gave birth, I realized that I don't really need many shoes. As long as the shoes are of good quality 5 good pairs would actually do :)

  9. I agree. There are things that we simply can live without. I love this post, sis. =)

  10. Same here. I am trying to be minimalist too but really, I CAN'T. Hahaha.

  11. "Less is more." Cliche but true. Now, I have to sort out stuff....

  12. my eyes hurt when i see clutter around the house. i agree with this post :)

  13. I agree less is great;) love the color of the room @photo,looks relaxing...

  14. its going to take me awhile before i could even convince myself on trying this minimalism.. i'm at the peak of obsessing over a lot of stuff i never got the chance to do so when i was younger.

    but with a kid now, i still get to practice living with less but with the best. ^_^

  15. I like your friend ha, but in a weather like we had here it is not a good idea to have a less clothes, it so hard to dry clothes especially on rainy days

  16. I'm a minimalist. When I go overboard kasi it doesn't always look good. LOL. With my room, stuff, even in my blog's layout, I believe being minimalist makes everything less stressful talaga (as you've mentioned na) and clearer :)

  17. I really love minimalist designs. Particularly combination of black, white and grey. It's clean, subtle and I feel much comfortable with it. Nice article.

  18. Wow! Good job! I can't imagine life without my social networking sites and my room is sooo cluttered! I think that if i shift to a minimalist lifestyle, I'll go a bit crazy! hahaha :D

  19. Superb, especially your everyday minimalistliving counsel. Whatever you do in life, whatever income you earn, and whatever your standard of living, I believe following the principle of minimalists living will do something within your style of living. Don't try to do them. But do them. That's what I believe. And I know your life, your living will be easy and less burdensome!

  20. i must agree with everything u've written...but i am on the other extreme side, the hoarder...i collect almost everything, can't give up those memorabilias...

  21. true! I believe less stuffs means less stress. And I know God is really teaching me to be a good steward of what I have right now :)

  22. i agree with you. living minimalist and being simple is good. reduce the complexity of life by eliminating others we don't need. (✿◠‿◠)


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