January 09, 2012

Gone in Few Hours

I planned to bake chocolate cupcake last weekend but it didn’t happen because my son ate my easy melt dark chocolate buttons. It was gone in few hours. I was doing something when I heard my son asking his dadddy for more chocolates.

Napaisip ako because I know that we do not have any chocolates in the fridge except the easy melt dark chocolate buttons, then I checked them and here’s what I’ve found.

happy camper


  1. So cute! :) My lil sis and I always end up eating all the chocolates in our fridge too. We can't bake anything with chocolate tuloy.. XD

  2. That's just so cute! I myself am a chocolate fiend. I can never get enough of it.:)

  3. hahah, gone indeed.
    namimiss ko na chocolates. diet ako ngayon eh. hihi

  4. sumi - pasaway kayo ng li'l sister mo. =)

    pinkcookies and rose - we all love chocolate, there's only two persons i know that are not fond of chocolates.

    chyng - hindi ko kaya diet mo. no rice, no fastfood and no junkfood. =)

  5. Super cute! =) yum! :)

    Please join my blog giveaway =)

  6. ang cute! apir tayo Ethan,pareho tayo ng like.hehe!