January 08, 2012

Home Alone

waiting for his daddy
Hubby and son went out for their weekly swimming bonding, my hubby is trying to be fit again and he decided to swim every week (or twice) since last year, it just stopped last September when he enrolled in Cisco Class. Now, rain or shine umalis ang dalawa and I’m left with household chores. But it’s okay because it’s easy to clean the house pag walang istorbo. =)

If only I can swim this will be a good exercise so I can lose or maintain my weight, pero pag dinala mo ko sa malalim, after 5 minutes lunod na ko. Hahaha! I can only stay afloat for 5 minutes. Take note, 1.5 ang grade ko niyan sa P.E swimming class ko. Well, hindi naman kasi umabot lesson namin doon sa malalim na part. =)


  1. Swimming is goof exercise. Buti kayo you have easy access to a pool. =)

  2. Your son looks so cute! ^^ How I wish I'm a good swimmer. It's actually one of my frustrations.. XD

  3. tin - yes sis, good thing that we have mini swimming pool in the neighborhood. =)

    sumi - frustrated swimmer din ako, hirap ko daw kasi turuan sabi ni hubby. hehe!