March 07, 2012

How to Save Tips: LoyaltyCard

I’m not a financial expert but I would like to share some tips that I’m doing to save some money. Let me start with cards, I’m pretty sure that most of you have loyalty cards and credit cards and these cards are one way to save some money, how?

Loyalty Cards

1. SM Advantage Card/BDO Rewards Card – SM is everywhere and I have to admit I always go here to do my grocery, shopping and paying bills so I applied for SM advantage card to earn points while shopping. 

When I open savings account in BDO, after several months they send me BDO Rewards Card which has more advantage, because I earn points while shopping and saving money. One more thing, I do not need to renew my membership. 1 point is equals to P1; I was able to buy things using my points like cards, Teflon pan, stainless trash bin, baron antenna, and others.

BDO Rewards or SM advantage card is not only for earning points but you can get freebies and discounts. I got discount when we stayed in Taal Vista Hotel.

2. Mercury Drug Suki Card – I had my first “Suki Card” when I learned that I have psoriasis, so for sure I will always buy medicine so I applied for this card. The same with SM advantage and BDO rewards card, 1 point equals to P1. We used our points to buy chips, ice cream cup, or bottled drinks.

3. Plus Card – You can use this card in Abenson, Walter Mart, Avant Abenson and Electroworld. I haven’t tried redeeming points here, good thing that I created this post and this reminds me to use my points before 12/2012.

4. Mabuhay Miles – I’m not a frequent PAL client because I always avail seat sale from lowest cost carrier but I earn miles using my credit card points. We used our points when we went to CDO – Camiguin last 2010.

5. I’m also a member of Greencow and Dakki so just in case I need to buy their products, I can have it at a lower price. 

6. Belle de Jour Lifestyle Card – I haven’t use this card yet but I will post it here once I use it. 

7. Pfizer Sulit Card – I do receive instant discount every time I buy Pfizer medicine but I don't know if this is a one time use. 

8. Wilcon Depot Loyalty Card – You can convert your reward points into peso value for future purchases. 

9. Mandaue Foam Card - where you can get 10% discount for regular items. 

I’m planning to avail “Laking National Card” because my son will goes to school this June, I will search for more information.

Sometimes we avail Pizza Hut Card and Shakey's Pizzanatic Supercard.


  1. Ako super dami kong membership cards. BDO/SM Rewards Card, Mrcury Drug, Mom Card, Shaeky's Card, Shopwise Card, EQ Card in all fairness okay naman sya. :)

    And you're right, do not use your CC if you do not have the money to pay your due, or if you can only pay the minimum amount kasi sa finance charge lang mapupunta lahat yun..

  2. I also have so many cards! Membership cards here and there. There really are so many advantages with using credit cards. You just have to be sure to pay them on time. With my credit card company, they'd usually waive the annual fee provided that I spend a certain amount within a month.

  3. I only have an SM Advantage Card since that's where we do our groceries most of the time. I'm thinking of getting one from Mercury too.

  4. Oh yes, I super agree with this post! Before, I wondered why my mother would avail of every membership card known to man; now I realize how much of a help they are. I especially love SM's rewards!

  5. Agreed-every points we earn is very helpful and rewarding indeed ;)