April 23, 2012

Day Off

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These past few weeks were indeed stressful and I have really limited time in blogging and blog hopping. I have so many things to do but time is so limited and even my body can no longer take it. I can really see that I’m so stress because I’m having flare-up again (psoriasis). I can also feel it because I get easily irritated, I’m so impatient and I always forget something.

All I need is a day off and have time for myself but it seems so impossible because I’m a full time mom. That is one disadvantages of being a stay at home mom, you don’t have a leave and you can’t even file resignation. I’m not complaining but I’m just human, I need to relax, rest and recharge so I can be effective mom. I only had one day off for four years of being a stay at home mom, this was my post in my multiply account.

i hope someday...Apr 25, '09 11:18 AM

I hope someday my husband will realize that I also need a break, a rest day, day-off, mommy's alone time or whatever you want to call it. It's been a year and two months since I became a SAHM (Stay at home MOM) and I have no regrets but I know that it is not easy for me since I am not used being at home. No work, no pay, no "me” time.

I don't know how many times I've asked him to give me just one day for myself, without him and my baby. I don't know how I will explain it to him so he can understands and feels that it is not for a selfish reason but also for a healthy reason.

I just need a break to unwind, to relax and to treat myself from the pain and hardships I've encountered during my pregnancy, labor and few months of being a mom. So I can feel that I still have life on my own.

Or should I accept the fact that motherhood has no Day off.

One week after this post, I packed my bags and left the house because I know if I will stay more I will be crazy. I just spent my weekend in my sister’s house just to have time for myself and went back home.  It’s been three years now (almost) since I had my day off and I’m looking forward to have my "me time"again. I just need a little time for myself, away from household chores, errands and mommy duties. But checking my husband’s schedule I know it would be impossible unless God will make a way. 


  1. Uy kailangan mo talaga ng me time! :) Most especially if you have health conditions, I hope your husband would understand and would give you a day off. For me, I didn't choose to do it by myself. Kasama ko pa din ang baby and my husband. We just had a good dinner and went around. Happy nako kasi the husband took care of the tot most of the time :) i hope you can de-stress yourself soon, Michi. Take care :)

  2. Everyone needs a break whether you stay at home or you work. Once after many months that I feel burn out I do file for a leave on a day where Poj is at nursery and Papa E is at work. I don't always do anything or go anywhere - minsan nga I don't do anything at all. But it recharges me and allow me to function better. Super bihira lang ito nagawa since pinanganak si Poj, it would be lovely if there are more pero sa circumstances namin dito ok na rin yun. Minsan naman, I just go out for a quiet meal with friends...
    Hope you find time to squeeze little me times for yourself sis. Take care =)

  3. OO naman you need "me time". Kahit sino naman siguro kailangan din ng day off. Ako nga after ng 4 day vacation ko at kinabukasan kailangan ng magtrabaho tinatamad pa ako e. lol! Parang gusto ko 1 month wag mag work. hayzz! Hope makag day off ka as soon as possible pangpatanggal ng stress!

  4. Everyone needs a little time off. Or else, we'd all go crazy! =)

  5. Btw, I forgot to mention. The containers I bought at Landmark where the house brands (no brand name). Nde sya from the "Storage Solutions" brand na ay online store. =)

  6. you so deserve your much-needed me time! it's for everyone's sanity kaya I do hope you get yours pretty soon and enjoy it till the last drop :)

    Spanish Pinay

  7. If you have family or friends to leave the kiddo with better :) That way you can enjoy me time.

  8. I hope you get your me time soon, Michi! Hugs! :)


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