June 13, 2012

How to Celebrate your Dad on Father’s Day

After celebrating mom last month, it’s now time to celebrate the dad in the family. June 17th is father’s day and it’s an important time for any family to reflect on the men that helped raise them. Just like our moms, dads are a critical part of the family; some dads are the breadwinners of the family, others are staying at home dads that raise the kids while mom is out at work. Either way, they deserve to be honored on this very special day. Here are a few tips on how you can do your part to ensure that your dad feels appreciated on this holiday!

Keep it special but low key

Mother’s day is a festive affair that brings to mind fabulous brunches and elaborate gifts from families showering their appreciation to the number one mom. As you might guess, most fathers don’t expect or want the same treatment for their day. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that most dads would prefer a simple gathering with their loved ones to any big blowout party.

So I’d advise keeping that in mind when you plan the festivities for your dad: think small but significant. You want your celebration to be novel enough to let your dad know how much you care, but small enough so as to not draw unwarranted attention. After all, dads won’t want any fuss on their special day. They just want to be around the ones they love.

Cook together

One of the best activities I can think of is hosting a small and intimate dinner for your dad. You and your kids can work together to cook him one of his favorite meals, or you can include him on the cooking and make it a family event. For instance, cooking styles like barbecue lend itself to the kind of communal and fun eating that would be perfect for any father’s day. If your dad is in on the cooking, you all can work together to make his favorite dishes to make it extra special, whether it’s a simple noodle dish or some elaborate meat dish.

Cooking is a simple but powerful activity. It brings the family together around a nice meal, allowing for good conversation and quality time with loved ones. It’s all your dad needs for father’s day, and it’s honestly all he probably wants out of it. So treat him with a nice meal!

If he’s away, get creative

Of course, there are some cases where either you or your dad won’t be able to be home to celebrate father’s day. You might be a college student focusing on summer courses or taking classes at some college abroad, for example. Or perhaps your dad travels often for business and can only make it home so often during busy months. Either way, one has to get creative when you can’t have a traditional father’s day.

I have two recommendations in this case. One is that you write and mail a personal letter to your dad wherever he is, letting him know just how much you can about and appreciate him. I personally think that a short but heartfelt handwritten letter is a much better than a long email. The other option is that you set up a video conference over Skype or a similar service online so that you can see him on his special day. It’s not exactly the same as a face to face encounter, but it’ll at least be good for you to see your dad, say hi, and catch up on things.

How will you celebrate father’s day this year?

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  1. i'm still thinking what to give or do for the father's day... it's the first time that my dad's here with us to celebrate father's day. hhhmmmm....

    1. dami promo ng hotels sa father's day, check mo yung post ko, may promo ang marriot hotel. =)sana ok ang weather sa weekend para makapagcelebrate din kami.

  2. wow, this is quite interesting... I would love to do this.

  3. Sana we could go out together naman, hopefully para special hehe!

  4. We celebrated father's day here last March. So two down (hubby and FIL) na kami. Ang isipin na lang namin is my papa jan sa pinas! :-D Great ideas here ;-)

    Spanish Pinay