July 03, 2012


Last month, we received birthday invitation from my son’s classmate in summer class. I’ve been thinking twice if we will attend or not because I know that my son doesn’t know anyone except for the birthday boy but my husband insisted that we attend the party. Rain or shine we went to the party; we’re the first visitors so my son played in the inflatable play area.

I thought he already overcomes his masklophobia but I was wrong. He did not participate in any game because of the clowns and life sized figure so no souvenir picture of “Woody”.

He just ate ice cream.

picture with his schoolmates. 


  1. hahah.. ice cream is way better than clowns and mascots, so I can't blame him ;-)

    Spanish Pinay

  2. I guess dumadaan talaga ang kids sa ganyang stage. Don't worry lilipas din yan ;)

  3. oo sis. Si Meg din nga. Parang hanggang ngayon di pa ma overcome.

    1. akala ko nga ok na e, siguro sa mga familiar na mascots pa lang siya ok like jollibee. i hope maovercome nila yung fear.

  4. oh how i miss ethan:( sarap ng ice cream and he is just adorable for wowa:)

  5. He'll outgrow the fear. Don't worry. My bro and little cousin used to be scared of mascots and clowns too. =)