August 14, 2012

Busy Bee

I remember, I was busy as a bee last August and it happen again this year and I don’t know why I’m always busy and stress during August. Two weeks ago was very stressful because I was asking for support, picking-up the envelopes, getting donation from Cebuana Lhuillier and bank. But I’m glad it was over, I submitted all the envelopes last Saturday at Makati Medical Center for the last canvassing and this Saturday will be the coronation night. 

Weekend had passed and I did not feel it because aside from Mr. and Ms. PsorPhil event, I was looking for my son’s costume for Linggo ng Wika and I need gown for the event. Last weekend was really hectic.


We dropped our son in school and went straight to Binan, Laguna market to look for costume then pick-up our son in school and went straight to S&R while waiting for my check-up at Asian Hospital Medical Center. On our way home I received a text from one PsorClub member, she informed me that she sent her donation in Cebuana Lhuillier so we dropped by at Cebuana before we went home.


Woke up early because I need to attend the PsorLead meeting and last canvassing at Makati Medical Center. The 9-12nn meeting extended until 2PM sa dami ng envelopes na pinasa ng delegates. Then after meeting we went straight to Divisoria to look for my gown because I don’t know any place where I can buy affordable gowns.


My body want to rest but I need to look for mananahi for my son’s costume, pay bills and terminate my Smart Line. I also have to go to hospital for my quarterly laboratory test and buy medicine. But unfortunately, my medicine was out of stock, it happened to me two years ago and I really had a hard time looking for it. 

But this time I asked the Mercury Drug staff if they know any branch where I can buy the medicine. They get my prescription and after several minutes close to one hour they informed me that they called different branch around the area but the medicine is only available at Calamba, Laguna and 30pcs left. So from Binan, Laguna we went to Calamba, Laguna and I was able to buy my medicine. Thank God.

I know I still have backlog but due to my busyness I can’t blog but hopefully soon. I’m looking forward for the two long weekends because I want to rest, rest and rest.


  1. excited also for the long weekend ... kaw na busy bee!

    1. ako na nga! hehe! sana lagi may long weekend!

  2. wow, napagod din ako sa dami ng gawain mo! I hope you find some time to rest. Take care!

    hugs from Spain!

    Spanish Pinay

    1. looking forward sa long weekend. =D

  3. mukha ngang tiring weekend yan mommy michi... you need to have a beauty rest for you will be crowned soon... Yebah! Congratz!!! :D

    1. hahaha! beauty contest lang ang peg. thanks for the support! =D