August 01, 2012

Hello August

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Hello August! Time flies so fast and several days from now I’m hitting the three decades of my life. No definite plan yet because I’m still busy asking for support for our fund raising event. But I pray that God will give me a good weather to celebrate my birthday! Well, I’m not the only August celebrant in the family, most of us born on the same date.

Short trivia:

August 23 – is my birthday, my brother’s birthday and my niece birthday.
August 30 – is my sister’s birthday, my sister-in-law’s birthday and my brother-in-law’s birthday.

After August, Hello ber-months and I’m not yet ready!


  1. oh... advance happy birthday mommy michi!
    you'll be turning 30 in few weeks but nothing to worry, you already have ethan. My fear is to reach 30 and i'm still not married and might not have the chance to have a baby :(

    1. don't worry, in time everything will fall in the right place. have faith! =)

  2. advanced happy birthday, Michi!! :)

  3. advance happy birthday sis! :)

  4. Month full of birthdays. Thanks God for all of them. Love you all:)

  5. Dami nyo pala may birthday ng August! Advance happy birtrhday sayo!

  6. thanks for the advance greetings. =)

  7. Happy Birthday to us.... Birth Month ko din ang August...

  8. uy birthday month mo na! enjoy the countdown michi! :)


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