August 03, 2012

School ID

I thought my son’s school will no longer give school ID because it’s already August but yesterday my son gave me his first school ID. Well, he’s not smiling and I was wondering how the photographer took his photo. I wanted to avail family photo package so we can have decent family picture but I know that my son was not very cooperative, we have drama moments when we applied for his passport and when we need to submit id picture for his school records. Anyway, I’m glad that he has school ID so I don’t need to bring a copy of his birth certificate or passport if we have domestic trip. 


  1. mommy michi, kamukha nya daddy nya dyan sa picture... hahaha! siguro ang sabi ng photographer... 1, 2, 3, FROWN... hahaha!

    1. hahaha! baka nga. pansin ko nga nagiging hawig na niya daddy niya habang tumatagal.

  2. Natawa nmn ako sa sabi ni Mel. LOL! :)