September 07, 2012

First Examination

I know that most of the schools already finished their monthly and periodical exams but in our case, next week will be the start of the First Trimester Examination. I just received the long list of “pointers to review”, but I haven’t received the books yet. I’m really excited to see my son’s books; it would be my first time to see those books after I submitted it on their first day of school.

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I told myself not to expect anything and remember the reasons why we enrolled our son in school. We only want him to enjoy school and enhance his social skills. No pressure please! I will accept whatever result. Hehe! Good luck to our review and exam! 


  1. I thought he was only in day care? Meron na ring exams dun? =(

    1. no sis, regular school na. summer class lang nung vacation. =D

  2. good luck to ethan. sana mana sa ama at sa ina:)

  3. good luck Ethan! kids now are very intelligent, they seem not listening but they do know things that you didn't expect them to know. kayang kaya nya yan...