September 25, 2012

How to Develop Fine Motor Skills

My life has been changed ever since my son started going to school and now I have very limited time in blogging. I mentioned before that November would be the first card distribution but it was moved last Saturday, I finally saw the test result and his report card. I was happy with the result, perfect score in Math, 1 mistake in Cultural Arts and Science and 2 mistakes in English.

His teacher told me “Mommy, perfect din po sana sa English kaso hindi ko maconnect e”. Well, he was referring to the matching type, mukhang spider web kasi yung pagconnect ng anak ko so yung 2 answer dun hindi na maconnect kung san namatch. Hehe!

Anyway, at least I know that my son learned something in school and hindi sayang ang aming pagreview. Actually, I don’t need to be pressured because there is no top 1, 2 or 3 because the school believes that Pre-School is formative years, some kids are advanced, some kids are average and some kids are still developing their skills.

I really appreciate their report card because I can see the strength and weaknesses of my son. No grading system but you can see the progress level of your child in practical life exercise, sensorial exercise, language, math, cultural arts and personal evaluation in his works and social habits. 

Now we need to focus on his fine motor skills. My son needs to improve his writing and coloring skills, he doesn’t like tracing and writing talaga but whether he likes it or not he must learn to write.

Here are the different activities in developing fine motor skills. I’ve got this from “Mommy with Selective Memory”site click here to read more.

How to Develop Fine Motor Skills

Pouring sand, water, salt, sugar, rice, or beans using bowls, funnels, spoons, cups, tubes, rolls, colander

Sorting small objects with interesting textures like cotton balls, pastas, sponges, and rocks placing them into egg cartons

Pushing objects through a slot like pennies or buttons into a Piggy Bank or container with a slit in lid; pushing pegs into a board

Picking up marbles and putting them in a jar; for variety, have child stand up and drop marbles into jar or drop balls or other small objects into container or sack

Building with blocks, logs, legos

Lacing with lacing cards – poking string through holes and pulling

Grasping wooden puzzles pieces and placing correctly

Arranging rocks, leaves, beans, cards, pasta, sticks or whatever interests child

Picking stickers off page and successfully placing onto something

Playing with Play Dough and clay: pulling, pressing, stretching, rolling, pounding, squeezing, pinching. 

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Squeezing glue bottles, water guns, sponges.

Shaking bottles of glitter

Beading necklaces with yarn or pasta wheels and lacing string

Pushing pipe cleaners into foam shapes with center cut out or push into colanders

Marking with fat pencils, crayons, markers, and sidewalk chalk

Cutting with child safety scissors which are blunt and fits hand. Opening and closing the scissors as well as cutting increases hand strength.

In addition we need to improve reading sight words and counting 1-100. Good luck to us!


  1. Naku naalala ko si Meg dati, ma improve din yan sis. Yung clay yun naman pinagawa ko kay Meg. Tsaka may mga lapis na rin ngayon na may rubber sa hawakan. Para di masyado masakit. =)