September 14, 2012

New Challenge of Motherhood

Today was the last day of exam, finally I could rest now. I’m experiencing another challenge of being a mom. Preparing reviewers and reviewing my son is not an easy task and I notice that the tone of my voice was rising during our review; I keep on saying, “Listen to me” and “Look at your paper”. Waah! #superstress

I know I should not be harsh to him because this is just his first school experience, first exam and most of his lessons I’ve learned that when I was in Grade 3. Seriously, part of the tree, part of the flower, living things and non-livings weren’t my lessons when I was in nursery. But as a mom, I want him to learn these things and I don’t want to receive zero score.

Now, I’m just waiting for the result but it would be a long wait because I’ve talked to one mother and she said, I can only see the test result during the card distribution and that would be on November.

I've read this somewhere and I should post this to my wall.

"Childhood is not a race to see who can read, write and count. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop a pace that's right for each individual"


  1. I was like that to you before, but just dont force ethan. Just do your best. If he got zero score it means that his brain is not ready yet for that. He is just three.

  2. gradual lang nmn din ang pagkatuto .. i mean do something or put some rewards on it para may inner motivation

  3. Yung isang niece ko naman nagrereklamao kasi napapagod na daw sya mag review e kakaumpisa pa lang. hehe! Tyagaan lang talaga sa pagtuturo.

  4. oh my! i can see myself in you :) take a rest michi :)

  5. Chill, sister :)
    I remember when I was a kid, pag dad ko ang nagtuturo sa akin, I can't help but fall asleep, too :)
    Try other ways of teaching Ethan, incorporate it in Play para mas maging attentive siya :)