October 15, 2012

Mr. Sweden

October is United Nation month and we’re now busy preparing for the costume. Honestly, preparing for the costume is not easy, I spent my weekend looking for cloth and tailoring shop. I visited five or six tailoring shop pero ayaw tanggapin kasi next week na daw. Thank God that there’s a tailoring shop that accepted my request though I find it expensive pero go na rin because I was so tired looking for tailoring shop already. Here’s the costume of my son.

I also made Sweden flag but I need to prepare an extra flag because I don’t think that it will survive till next week. 


  1. Wala k ba mabibili ready made? Yung sa twins ko China nabili ko ready made na hehe..Mas mahal kasi ata pag patahi..:)

    1. hindi ko alam na may nabibili pala na ready made. sayang! =(

  2. Pogi dyan lalo ethan pag suot na:)