November 26, 2012

Cable Car Experience in SG

I was having hard time finishing our trip itinerary because I can’t decide if I will ride cable car again. I had my first experience last 2007 when we went to Singapore. I really had no idea that we will ride cable car because I just booked Sentosa Tour Package in one of the travel agency there. Oh yes, I went to Singapore without itinerary. =D I’m afraid of heights so I was really scared during that time; I really tried my best not to look down. It was a very long ride for me and I was glad I survived.

Well, I have option not to ride cable car again but I have to consider my son.

1.     This is the first time that he will ride cable car.
2.     Will my son enjoy the cable car or he is just like me?

These are my options:

1.     Buy roundtrip package of cable car.
2.     Ride bus (roundtrip).
3.     One way cable car ride then one way bus ride.

Hmm…maybe I choose option 3. Good luck to me tomorrow. Can you guess where are we going?

Anyway, I’m sharing our Sentosa Experience.

This was our last day in Singapore so we booked another tour before we leave. We checked-out early and left our luggage at the reception area.

Itinerary for the day: Mount Faber, Underwater World, Images of Singapore and Musical Fountain.

From Mount Faber, we need to ride cable car to get to Sentosa Island. This was our first time to ride in cable car so I was a little bit excited but really scared.

Images of Singapore is a museum where we spend most of our time, we’re so busy taking pictures and we had no idea that our group members were already waiting for us. We’re the second to the last group na lumabas. #kahiya! Cause of delay pa. That is really the downside of availing group tour you can’t manage your own time.

Underwater World is their version of Ocean Park; it was small compared to our very own Manila Ocean Park.

We missed the Musical fountain because we need to leave early so we would not miss our flight. Goodbye SG, I hope this is not the last time. 


  1. Enjoy yung cable car sa sentosa. Too bad nga that you're scared of heights. Naku! There's a cable car ride din to Nyong Ping Village in HK. Pano yun e mas malayo and matagal yung ride nun. =(

  2. I think option 3 is a good choice because you can get the best of both worlds. Are you going to Universal Studios? Enjoy your trip! :)

  3. Enjoy your trip, Michi! Pikit nalang sa cable car ride! :D

  4. Take the North-East Line or Circle Line and alight at the HarbourFront Station. From there, you may either go to the 3rd level of VivoCity shopping mall, transfer onto our Sentosa Express or you may take a leisurely stroll down the Sentosa Boardwalk. Train fares vary.

  5. sosyal but i guess your having a great time! thank yoou for sharing your travels!

  6. enjoy your trip sis,who knows ma-conquer mo na this time ang iyong fear of heights.looking forward to your photos,don't forget our pasalubong! hihi.

  7. May fear of heights din ako! Sa HK ko una na experience sumakay ng cable car nung 1995 pa yun hahaha! super tagal na. Ang gusto ko e makatawid agad kami nakapikit talaga ako. Enjoy your trip! Singapore ba uli o HK naman?


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