November 09, 2012

Christmas Tree

We always put up our Christmas tree every first weekend of December but this year was different because our Christmas tree was already up. My son really wanted to put up the Christmas tree; he was indeed excited this time compared to the last three years.

We’re supposed to put it up last Sunday but we’re too tired after finishing our living room. My hubby was busy with his dinner meeting for the last three days so my son patiently waited for him and finally last night, we were able to put it up.

Due to limited space we have to move few furniture to give way to our Christmas tree. We unboxed our old Christmas tree, ornaments and of course our new decors. Yey! We have new decorations and theme this year, for a change. Hehe! I used the old ornaments for our Christmas wreath.

While putting this up, my son always asks, “mommy, where’s the star?”, “mommy, where’s the snowman?” “mommy, where’s the light?” etc.

This is our new theme and my son loves it so much. 

We even put two pieces of his small stuff toys; I sew it so we can hang it on our Christmas tree. 

Click here to see our old theme. 

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