February 04, 2013

Family Day

I did not expect that I would be so busy last week, my son’s school celebrated its 4th year Foundation Day and we had Sports Fest and Family Day at the same time. Thank God that we have no class today because we really need some rest. The three days celebration was fun but it was really tiring, I took paracetamol last Saturday because I wasn’t feeling well already.

Anyway, I’ll share to you our busy week.  It started on Wednesday where they had field demo practice so we had to wake early because practice starts at 8AM and ends at 11AM. After practice I have to finish my chores because the next two days would be a whole day event.

Thursday- (Sports Fest) the program starts with a parade and presentation of muses. 

Then after lunch, our kids participated in different games such as Montessori challenge, relay, obstacle course, chess and scrabble.

Friday – (Family Day) I was glad because my husband took a leave to join this event so we’re happy family.

Its parents turn to play. I’m not really active in joining games but of course we wanted to win so we joined. Need naming bumawi kasi kulelat ang score ng mga kids yesterday so whether I like it or not I have to play Kadang-Kadang and Sack Race while my husband played Kadang-Kadang, Eggplant Relay and Pasahang Lobo. And would you believe that our team is the overall champion. Yes, We are the champions. #gogreenteam.

After lunch is Bingo Time, we have four cards to play but unfortunately I did not win. (10 patterns) Huhuhu! There were two lucky people who won twice and one really lucky guy who won P10,000. #walangkahati.  It was fun pero nakakapagod lalo na pag di nanalo. Hehe!

thank you sa stolen shot. sa fb ko na lang nakita.
While I was busy playing Bingo, my husband and son attended wedding in Tagaytay Highlands.

Saturday – (Field Demonstration and Awarding of Winners). I was happy to see my son performed in any school event. 

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  1. busy weekend! i'm sure it was tiring but lots of fun, db? :)

    1. yes sis, family bonding na rin. =)

  2. Wow! Bingo lady ka na rin. Hi hi. Kakatuwa naman, dami activities ni ethan.
    Siguro nag kaedad ka na rin kayaka napapagod agad:)

    1. compulsory yung card, sayang naman kung di laruin. talo nga lang. :( parang every month may activity sila. kapagod kasi whole day event.

  3. Haha! Ayus ha! :) Busy playing bingo si mommy :)
    Glad to hear that halos monthly ang activities nila sa school, good bonding time for the kids and parents.
    This coming June, sali ndin ako sa bandwagon. Papasok na din si Akira. Huhuhu

    1. hahaha! may sarili kami activity. stressful siya sis pero maeenjoy mo naman kasi nga dami activity sa school. =)

  4. Replies
    1. no sis, si hubby lang invited dun pinakiusap lang niya kung pwede isama anak ko (bodyguard). hehe!