February 19, 2013

Pfizer Sulit Card

A week ago we went to the hospital because my son was sick; we went to a different pediatrician because we can’t wait anymore until 2PM (my son’s pedia schedule). The new Pedia gave me Pfizer Sulit Card which I can use to get a discount. I’m not familiar with the card; I just gave it to Mercury Drug staff when I purchased the medicine. I was surprised to see the P182.92 discount on my bill.

I searched for more information and here’s what I found.

What you need to know about your Pfizer Sulit Card:

It is pre-activated and can be used immediately.
It can be used at any participating drugstores nationwide.
You can get an instant discount simply by presenting your Pfizer Sulit card when you purchase your Pfizer medication. For Lipitor, discount is at 50%.
Purchase and discount are available only upon presentation of doctor’s prescription.
You can purchase up to a maximum of 32tablets of LIPITOR every single month. Balance of unused tablets is carried over the following month but is automatically replenished every first day of the succeeding month.
Your Sulit card doesn’t expire provided that the enrollment form is submitted within four months after the initial use.
Receive your free Health Education Mailers, e-Gazerres and SMS reminders based on your enrolled contact information (address/email/mobile phone).
Call the Pfizer Healthline for more information.

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