March 12, 2013

Hectic Week

Waah! One week without a post in my blog, this week was really hectic and I have no time and strength to blog anymore. It started last Tuesday because we’re reviewing for my son’s final exam. I asked my son’s teacher if Ethan could take his final exam in advance so he could spend more time with his Wowa who is coming home from Norway. Request granted but last Wednesday after taking his second day exam, I noticed the redness on his left eye so I thought he has sore eyes so I told the teacher that Ethan would take his last exam next week baka kasi makahawa pa di ba. Lagot ako sa parents ng classmate niya, hehe!

Then Thursday, we’re supposed to go to Asian for check-up just to make sure kung sore eyes nga kaso di na kami aabot sa pedia so we went to Healthway for my son’s x-ray and as usual it wasn’t easy. Ayaw niya magpa x-ray, megacry at piglas siya and thank God mabait yung nandun kasi last time na nagpa x-ray siya, I guess 7 months old, ang sungit. Hirap na hirap na nga ko, minamadali pa ko. Hello, baby kaya yung magpapax-ray and I was alone.

Good thing that the result was clear, he has no primary complex. My son has cough and colds, after the medication, ok na, then after a week or two weeks, balik na naman. Kaloka. I’ve been praying for good health for our family because we’re always in the hospital since January sa dami ng check-up, lab test and follow-up check-up.

Saturday was my mom’s arrival and Sunday was her birthday celebration. And now she’s staying in our house for few days. I promise, I will blog again after my crazy schedule. Good luck sa pagreview mamaya at tagal ng bakasyon ng anak ko. Hehe! 


  1. Aww! Get well soon Ethan. Mommy Joy is in town! Haha, nakiki-Mommy Joy ako! Missing your posts Michi :)

  2. Wow, super busy week indeed! Welcome home to your mom and i hope Ethan feels better.

  3. Hope everything will be better soon. The Little One has coughs and fever din e. It's probably the weather na. =(

  4. here's praying for Ethan to be ok soon :)