March 07, 2013

How to Open an Account in BPI Trade

If there’s one thing that I wanted to try but was scared to take risk is investing in stocks. Simply because I have no idea how to start and where will I invest my money. I don’t know where I was when we studied stocks during my college years. All I know is how to compute the profit and loss. #boo.

I was thankful to my mommy friend in school who informed me about BPI Trade, she and her husband will apply in BPI Trade so she advised that I could try this if I want to invest in stocks. Honestly, I have no idea but I believe that in time I could learn the process so I visited last January. I applied via online, it was not difficult and all you have to do is follow the instructions.

1. Click Apply Online

2. Then you will see the Disclaimer and Online Equities Trading Terms and Conditions page. Read and Click I agree.

3. Choose the account you want to apply, Individual Account or Joint Account. In my case, I applied Individual account.

4. Fill-up the form. Then Click Submit. 

5. Verify that all data are correct and click submit again. Then you will see 2-3 pages form, all you have to do is print.

Since our reliable printer has no ink, I copy and paste all the information in Microsoft Word so I could print it somewhere. I also emailed BPI Trade if they could send me copy of my application but unfortunately, I haven’t received any copy until now. Imagine, if I did not save my application.

After your application, you will receive an email like this.

“Greetings from BPI Trade!

Thank you for sending your online application to BPI Trade. We will be eagerly awaiting our signed and signature-verified application forms within 10 banking days. Please follow these simple steps so we can immediately process your application:

1. Once you have printed the application forms, proceed to your nearest BPI or BPI Family Bank branch and have the application forms signature verified by the branch officer. Do not forget to bring along at least 2 valid ID's and a photocopy of each. Valid ID's could be anyone of the following : Company ID, Driver's License, Credit Card with Picture, SSS ID, Passport, and other picture ID's deemed as acceptable by your BPI/BPI Family Bank branch.

2. If you were not able to print out your application form, please send us an e-mail at and we will send a copy to your e-mail address.

3. After signature verification, our branch personnel will take care of sending your application forms and identification documents to BPI Fulfillment Banking.

4. Once BPI Fulfillment Banking receives your signed application forms, we will immediately begin processing. If your application is approved, we will inform you by e-mail on how to send us your initial investment, in cash or equivalent shares of stock.

Should you have any further queries, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us through

We look forward to receiving your application forms soon. Thank you for choosing to trade online with us!

Application is subject for approval and if you’re approved, you will receive an email like this.

Your BPI Trade Bank Account is now ready to receive your initial investment. Please deposit your initial investment to the BPI Trade Bank Account that we have opened under your name. To view your BPI Trade Bank Account Number, please go to the "Portfolio" screen.

IMPORTANT: Please note that your initial investment will be the funds that you will use to purchase stocks and DOES NOT represent a balance requirement. The monthly average daily balance (ADB) requirement for your BPI Trade Bank Account is Php 500.00 to avoid the Php 150.00 standard
monthly service charge. This ADB requirement takes into account only the funds that are in your BPI Trade Bank Account, which also earns interest per annum. Deposits made to your BPI Trade Bank account shall be reflected in your Cash Position in BPI Trade the NEXT trading day.

There are three (3) ways to fund your BPI Trade Bank Account.

1. Through the Branch: Go to any BPI Branch and make an over-the-counter deposit to your BPI Trade Bank Account.

2. Through BPI Express Phone or ATM:  Enrollment is required to transfer funds from your source account to your BPI Trade Bank Account via Express Phone or ATM.  You can visit your branch or call 89-100 to enroll your BPI Trade Bank Account.

3. Through Express Online: Enrollment is required to transfer funds via Express Online.  Log-on to Express Online, go to My Portfolio and click Enroll Additional Accounts.  You will receive an email once your account has been activated.  You can then transfer funds from any of your eligible source accounts to your BPI Trade Bank Account.

To withdraw funds from you BPI Trade Bank Account, log-on to BPI Trade, go to Services Menu and fill-out the Withdrawal Request Form. We will transfer the funds to your beneficiary account within the day. The beneficiary account is the account which you nominated upon application.  Cut-off time for the withdrawal request is 11:00 AM Manila Time.

To deposit your stock certificates or transfer your existing stock position, please send an email to

If you need further assistance or have other concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at

BPI Trade just updated their site so I’m not sure if the process is still the same.  

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  1. Hi! I also wanted to open a BPI Trade Account but when I try to type in the Beneficiary Account Number it always asks me to input 12-20 digits, but from what I know BPI only has 10 digits right? Please help.. :)

    1. I did not encounter that problem 2 yrs ago. I just entered my 10 digit account number. Have you tried putting two zero before your account number if it needs 12 digits.

    2. ma'am Michi will it be the same account if I add two zero before my account number?

  2. Hi,

    Is it going to be the same account if you will put two zero in front?

    Ex: 001234567891 = 1234567891



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